Hey ya'll, i'm so sad Christmas is already gone; it truly feels like every year we anticipate and wait for it but it flies by. This Christmas was very different for us, we really didn't want much of anything but to spend time with one another, the best part is watching Cole open up all the presents he received, my husband hides them all over the tree and he has to try and find them all, its really cute and funny to see his reaction he is the best. Christmas was quiet which was different but it was also very peaceful and it was much needed, its very easy to get caught up in all the "traditions" of christmas. The main thing for us was to really hone in on the true treasure that god bestowed upon us, the birth of his son. Moving forward towards the new year I really want to live my daily life being grateful, writing down to see what it is usually helps me see it clearly and to always look back towards it when you're at the end of it all.

Anyways we loved Sheridan gardens so much we decided to go back there to shoot, I loved how much life the greenery brings into the photos. When its cold, I've got my boots and my sweaters, if you're lucky you'll catch me in something else, colder months always have me in dark hues, makes me feel warm and fuzzy (haha). I loved the Urban outfitters cardigan with the dark burgundy sweater and tied it in with the black pants , boots and hat loving me some black all winter long, an easy alternative to jogging pants and sweaters.

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I have to say I’m so very excited to have my guys featuring on the blog, they are so darn cute. This year would be our first year doing Christmas cards and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do one, they are amazing and so fun! I had the pleasure of picking out our outfits and dressing the boys, I really wanted to have a little bow tie for Dierksy boy but that never happened impossible to find one that’s plaid. We shot these at the Brickworks in Toronto, the day previous to our shoot was such a beautiful day so I was hoping the weather would have stayed the same but unfortunately it ended up raining, so we tried to do the best we can with the slight rain. The only difficult thing was getting these guys to relax and not be so tense for the photos, it was very hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing at them, they are troopers. I'll have a little preview of our cards soon, I plan on keeping all the cards throughout the years it would be great looking back at them all and seeing all the changes through the years, so far christmas cards get a thumbs up from this girl!

For the outfits I tried to have us all matching with the plaid, because when I think of Christmas I think of plaid (haha)! Once we got the outfits I thought maybe plaid would have been too much if all of us have it on, so I thought of keeping it plain with light coloured chinos for pants and later on added sweaters, just loved the contrast of how it all looked together with the colours (not bad for a first timer?) haha. I'm really itching to see what my Husbands going to come up with next year, I warn you he is very brilliant and meticulous, looking forward to it! Merry Christmas Ladies, hope you have a wonderful time with all of your loved ones.

I know christmas is a difficult time for some, to those that struggle through this season, I'm keeping you in my prayers, my hearts with you.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.