Leopard Print

I never use to be a huge fan of leopard prints until now, seriously.
I always felt like it looked ridiculous so I couldn't believe when they were in style.
It's taken me this long two own a leopard print anything, slowly but surely right?
I wore these awesome leopard print pants, that make my hips look awesome.
I mean who said skinny girls don't have hips..ha! 
I love these pants they sit higher on the waist and cinch right in,
which gives that hour glass look.
I've said this before but i'm not huge on accessories, at least on myself. 
I'm more drawn into, dainty pieces of jewellery but I absolutely have a thing for hats.
My hat collection is growing slowly, venturing out more on coloured hats now.
I figured, on a hot day, cooler evenings why not throw these pants on with a tank
and dress it up with my awesome hat that I love and finish it off with wedges. 
I wanted the leopard print to be the only thing that pops at you, so staying with nude wedges and top definitely helped that out. Fortunately this is my fall outfit, it hasn't exactly been cold enough to be layering up all day, so i always carry a light coat with me, just incase.
Do we like leopard print, is leopard the new black?

TANK: here | PANTS: here and LOVE this here | WEDGES: here | HAT: SAVE and SPLURGE

Engagement Photos Part 3

We have arrived at last to some of my favourite photos of the hubs and I, this part of the photo shoot 
was by far the most adventures part. We found a creek that we absolutely loved and had to include in the photos, there was this beautiful creek, filled with lots of stones and sand. We were also on a Hill
there wasn't really a route close by to get to the creek, so naturally we made our own.
So we took our shoes off and literally slid down the muddy hill
which was actually so nice and refreshing, considering that was one of the hottest days we had in Toronto. I felt like I was about to melt all over after spending an entire day out in the sun.
The entire scenery was gorgeous and as always John did his thing, he went to town on these
photos ha!
Here they are, enjoy!



Engagement Photos Part 2

Here is part two of the photos, I didn't want to fill one post with so many photos.
Also the pictures are like a little story, a lot more interesting connecting them.
Our amazing Photographer John was amazing, he had a way of making us feel
comfortable, relaxed and really just helped us bring our personalities out which really shows in all these pictures. John threw some music on and we just had a blast, getting creative
having some laughs, it was definitely one of the best decisions having John
be our photographer.

DRESS: Free People, sold out but check this one here and here  | SHOES: similar here and here



Here is one of my old posts from my old blog, I thought for my new readers its a great way to get to know a little about me. Also I'll be posting my engagement photos as well later on for all you ladies who are tiring the knot and might need some ideas.

I've got three engagement posts coming so i hope you can all embrace yourselfs for it.


Here's how it happened,

So, Rene and I have wanted to get married for quiet sometime

we finally made the decision to go ahead and work towards getting married. 

We hadn't really spoken about a proposal (does anyone really?) or how we were gonna go about it, we knew we had to get engaged and announce it to our close family and friends 

But knowing Rene, there is one thing he doesn't fail to do and that is surprise me!


He told me on sunday he had to go out of town to his friends and since it was family day on the monday we had agreed, we would go out for a dinner when he gets back in town.

He told me he'd be back in town by noon, and our reservation was for the afternoon/evening

So the next morning at 11am I asked him where he was, he said he was just leaving

I said okay, see you soon

Later on that day..

It's 2pm and I haven't heard from him so I decided to see where he was, he mentioned he got stuck in traffic and that when he gets in the city he has to go to the church (Broadview Faith Temple) because Pastor Marshall had asked him to clean the church.
I said alright.

It's now 4:30pm
i'm pretty much getting frustrated, I'm like seriously I've waited for you all day haven't eaten and it's not only that but we had planned on spending the day together since

we both have been busy lately, in other words hurry up, please.

He calls me says he has had such an awful day, with all the driving and now he left the light in the car on so the battery is dead and has to wait for someone to come by to re-charge it.

poor old me, sitting there believeing every word that he is saying haha..

I'm now,
trying to console him and tell him it's alright, so I finally just give up and say get here when you can (but all he was doing was fixing up the church and buying himself more time, which i found out later).

It's now around, 5pm

So he told me to be ready, I was ready when he came to pick me up and our reservation was for 6:30 (which was what he had told me)


so in the process of driving there his phone rings and he has apparently left the alarm on at the church so he says we have to drive there and turn the alarm off.

So Rene parks the car and goes inside
Two minutes later I get a call from him
saying, can you please come quick I need a hand with something.

So at this point I've lost it, the snow storm was just coming in so it was super windy, I hadn't eaten all day and what was even more frustrating was trying to walk with heels on, and it was icy everywhere  it was a disaster!
so it took me a few minutes.
During this, Rene said he was soo nervous waiting for me to come inside
his stomach was in knots, just waiting on me.
I walked in, I accidentally dropped my phone since it was dark I wasn't paying attention,
as soon as I picked my phone up, looked up and I froze
I was soo shocked, surprised, nervous I was definitely feeling everything all at once.
my brain trying so hard to make sense of what was going on
As I walked up the stairs, all I saw was Rene standing in front of a mic
there was candles along the isle of the church,
it was truly perfect
He sang " A place only you can go" by Needtobreathe, here
amazing song!

I loved just standing there listening to him sing, in church
couldn't stop smiling and thinking how amazing God truly is, and how much he has blessed my life.

After the song, he motioned for me to come closer, as I walked up to him
my eyes started to fill up with tears, as he grabbed the mic my heart started to skip a beat
I was shaking, as he got down on one knee all choked up asking me to be his wife

The next thing I heard was a room full of people clapping and cheering! It was a second suprise for me, I turned around and I think first thing I said was " my mom is here, Hii mom"! I was so excited to see my family and friends all there to be a part of such a big moment in my life!

Afterwards, we had some desserts and some tea/coffee it was truly a dream come true!

On a side note,
I seriously could not be happier with our wedding photographer, thats a whole new post.
Johnathan Ball is gifted, check out his work here The Westend Studios

If you've got any  questions and comments please leave them in the comment below or email me I'd love to hear from you!



there wasn't a dry eye in the room

Love this one!

I love this boy so much!

i love this, my sister over looking so sweet!

All Images are by Johnathan Ball from

The Westend Studio

Tuesday Inspirations/ 2014

Hey Ya'll!
I've seriously missed blogging, Ive been unbelievably super busy as of late
So many things on my brain, can't keep up.
So heres a late happy 2014, hope everyones looking forward to this year
with a positive mind and a kind heart..

If you have any of your goals set, than i'm hoping you're staying on them
I personally don't make goals, Knowing myself I never truly stay on it
so instead I just work on renewing my mind and strengthening myself to being able to do the small changes that are always overlooked
Growth is so important in life, having to really self reflect and pin point these areas in our selves is so very challenging because before change can happen, some serious realization needs to take place.

My one goal this year is to really keep up with Collexion Plate, this blog is more than just a fashion blog. It has been surprisingly very therapeutical in some unexplainable way. It has helped relax my mind, ease my thoughts and has given me a confidence that has slowly become a foundation. One thing i have tried not to do is keep myself boxed in, therefore Collexion Plate is slowly coming to shape its way to something that I myself don't quiet know just yet, but i'm excited to see what this year has in store.

Anyways, I love Pinterest inspiration i'm on Pinterest 24/7
always looking for some new ideas, wether it is with home decor, DIY's and all of the above
its been on my mind for quiet sometime
so I've decided to post some inspiration incase you want to change up the house
for the new year or need help executing an idea or even to get something refreshing in your mind,
a girl can dream right?

hopefully this helps, Enjoy!

Here is my Pinterest

Such a great reading nook, absolutely love

I'm such a minimalist lover, the idea is Less house more home, right?

photos Via Pinterest

Also come and say hi Via Instagram

Love IS..

So for Inspiration Monday I figured I'd put something that inspires me everyday to wake up, what motivates me.
I chose Love and I wanted to expand on exactly what Love is FOR me..
Love is God, God is Love

Here is a little list I put together:

1. God abounds in goodness
2. God does not change
3. God is a compassionate God
4. God is a consuming fire
5. God is my refuge
6. God is a god of peace
7. God is a most pure spirit
8. God is a righteous Judge
9. God is all knowing
10. God is all powerful
11. God is infinite 
12. God is forgiving
13. God is gracious
14. God is avenging
15. God is faithful
16. God is merciful
17. God is true
18. God always works according to his Will
19. God is without limit
20. God is the most absolute 

It almost feels like I get to my end wether that be of the many reasons that go wrong in life, He somehow picks me up than re-routes me and reminds me who I believe in and what He is capable of.
This list is not even half of what God holds for us.
I truly feel like this is the core of my being, with every battle that gets thrown our way it's easy to think we can always go so far with our own strengths but we simply can't..
We, being human always make the mistake of thinking we can do it all and don't need anybody.
But unfortunately for us we learn the hard way;
it is much easier to keep Him in all that we do, He works it all out ten times better than we can ever expect.

I'd love to hear what motivates you? what is your drive?

*Thanks to carm.org for the idea

Chapters Indigo

Chapters Indigo

Hey Ya'll!
Every year I struggled with buying christmas gifts for everyone whether it was family or friends
I think we can all agree and say sometimes it's a stressful situation because, we might be on a tight budget but yet we really want to get good presents. 
I've always found chapters to be such a great place for presents, because they tend to have a variety of things and also if you wanted to give a personalized present in a way it lets you do that as well. Like those mugs, absolutely great mugs i've heard great things about them plus who doesn't want to be told how beautiful they are in the morning.
Anyways, I always love helping people get ideas for presents and I don't always believe in such expensive and extravagant gifts, it's definately nice to be treated but at the same time, these little gifts make such impacts specially because you'd use them very often.
I went with neutrals because I know a lot of people are doing secret santa's at work and these colours are great for staying neutral.

anyways, any other places that are great for ideas I'd love to hear about them, also if you want some more ideas, let me know ill gladly pop a few more ideas.


oh just your regular good ol' gal..

I go by the name Tsehay, with a silent Ts like Tsunami you can say it like this
Sahai..no its not (say-hi)..or bye..

First and foremost in all things I do, I do it with God, 
through his Grace, Mercy and Love..
I give Him Thanks!
Yes i'm a Jesus lover,
with every ounce of my being.

I come from a wonderful loving family, 
the youngest of five
three sisters and one brother 
no..I was never babied nor spoiled..
thanks mom..

love my sisters!

I've got an amazing man in my life and the best little guy
i'm so blessed to have them both

Collexion Plate is a personal blog inviting people inside my life. To share both there fashionable selves and encourage one another; to walk outside of a box that society sometimes places us in. I hope to share a life filled with encouragement, love, passion, values, laughter and family. keeping in mind that "In all thy ways acknowledge Him & He shall direct thy paths" Proverbs 3:6

This blog is suppose to be an extension of my love for Fashion,
ever since I could remember, i've had such an infatuation with Fashion
coming from humble beginnings, I wasn't ever able to indulge in this love therefore
I decided to take things into my own hands
with lots of prayer and endless nights infront of my laptop
looking at all things fashion, from Designers to how-to's, to fashion blogs,
you can name it all..
than one day I decided to..
creat my own blog..
hence Collexion Plate comes in..
Why Collexion Plate?

Well, one random evening my man (who is Super supportive) and I were sitting down jotting down, different ideas and names for the blog.. we came up with nothing,
we went at it again another evening, thinking really hard, brainstorming
because I really wanted the title to be great considering its the first thing people would see
it was very important for the title to represent me and what i'm all about..
so he came up with Collexion Plate,
I immediately fell in love with the name..

At my church which I attend every sundays (Broadview Faith Temple) btw
there is a Collection Plate (its how you tithe to the church, give money) 
and it also represented my love for all things, fashion, beauty, home, love, travel, life..
my life is really a collection of all things good..
As people there are a collection of things that make us who we are
which is what I want this Blog to represent

I want it to be a positive place in which we can (You and I)
come together and discuss

Thanks for stopping by!

with a bucket full of love,

Fall Favourites

Fall Favourites

Here are some of my fall favourites, I know it's getting a little bit colder in Toronto but this outfit is still quite manageable in the weather, with the beanie and the warm Isabel Marant pour hm collection Coat, you'll be nice and toasty. Also they are all, decently priced not over the top expensive. So if you get tired of the same old outfit for fall, this here is a great alternative to switch things up while mixing it up.


Faux Fur

Hey Ya'll

Hope everyones having a good week
my week has been absolutely insane, busy busy work week
I had a lot of assignments to keep up with school this week.
Honestly I could use a vacation, I need to go away who is on this with me?
As embarrassing as this may be, I've never been on a vacation
my vacation has always been within the country

Winter time is the best time in my opinion to go on a vacation, I can already imagine the relief
that comes over you once you get on the plane and it takes off, worry free I say.

Anyways moving on to yesterdays outfit, this is really something I just threw on together needed to stay warm. I threw on my skinny black pants my cozy tank and some faux fur, haven't really worn it since i bought it from a local boutique. 
An outfit like this is so great because it can easily be transformed into a going out party outfit, obviously it's a bit more casual than a LBD but it does wonders if you want to go out grab a bite with a friend after work, or go out to the bar.
Any-who Enjoy!

Coat: Faux Fur thrifted {similar} | Pants: h&m {here} | Tank: Urban Outfitters {here/similar}
Booties: | Headband: Forever21{similar} | Clutch: Forever21 {Love this here}


Hello Ladies and Gents
My fellow Torontonians, how do you feel about this uber cold weather?
Frankly I already think its freezing, like i'm struggling to hold on to my fall coat freezing my buns off half the time cold. The sun shines but it surely does not keep me warm any longer.

So the biggest question I have for my fellow bloggers and the regular readers is
Can Canadian winter be stylish? Yes, I know you can throw on some stylish winter coat along with some mittens and possibly some Sorel boots...or not?
is that really considered fashion? 
I'd love to hear what you all think about winter fashion and please can someone educate me on the many ways winter can be fashionable
I have my own idea of what winter fashion is like, but I'm afraid its not the throw on the light fall coat with mittens and some riding boots. I'm talking Canadian winter, where you struggle to keep your head out while bundled under a massive blanket called a scarf.
I'll be sure to post my winter look, on the blog soon and honestly I can't wait to share the Brand that I love for my winter gear. Peta won't be too pleased with me but hey its Winter, what can you do.

Do we as a collective group like winter? No?
If yes, How can we dress our winter blues away?
I'd love to hear about it questions, comments let me hear em all!

Anyways, this look is me attempting to hold on to the fall weather for as long as I can.
also who doesn't want to be comfortable, cold or not.

These boyfriends are amazing, I'm such a big fan of them I'm loving everything about these boyfriend jeans. I highly recommend going a size up than your regular size, it might be a bit loose around the waist but it can always sit a little bit higher on your waist as well.
My man calls them my rockstar jeans and honestly they sure make me feel like a rockstar when I have them on.
These jeans tied with the sweater is such a great combo, it adds some femininity to the whole outfit
throw on some accessories bang, With these amazing booties that I just scored and you are set to go.


Coat: h&m {similar/want} | Sweater: Forever21{here} | Jeans: Forever21 {here} | Booties: {Zigisoho} Via Winners
Necklace: Forever 21 {here} | Bracelets: Forever21 {here} | Turban: Forever 21 {here/similar} 

Sunday Best

Hey Ya'll!
Hope you all had a good weekend, I sure did.
Back to Monday, back to the school week fortunately for me this week is my reading week!
yay, I finally get a week off to do some more readings..
these nonstop readings that never end.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I always wanted to post my Sunday best outfit, I go to church every single sunday and of course i'm always going to have my best
outfit on (99 percent of the time...i try).
It doesn't mean everybody has to have their best outfits for church, it's something I personally
like to do for the Lord, put on my best outfit. So I will definitely be posting a lot more of my
sunday church outfits.

This outfit here is one of my favourites, I go crazy for this Skirt. I absolutely love the big flowers printed on it, its so fun but yet so chic. As always i'm loving this beautiful royal blouse love how it compliments my skin tone.

I absolutely love this print with the mixture of all the colours, they compliment one another so well. Also with a skirt like this you can just about throw tops that are in the same colour group as these printed roses.

These heels are amazing, Betsey Johnson x Steven Madden collaboration picked them up about a year ago now but they were such a great find.

Top: h&m similar | Skirt: h&m similar | Coat: Banana Republic Petite here |
Shoe: Steve Madden similar | Purse: Aldo similar | Necklace: Suzy Shier similar

Canadian Staples

Hey guys,

Can we talk Canadian fashion please?!
So I'm a die hard fan for my country, which means if there is anyway I can brag about anything Canadian I'm so down!
So shall we talk about how amazing fashion has gotten in Canada; I know non-Canadians just push Canada along side the US, which is infuriating but I don't blame them.
How can the world perceive Canada as a country in which has a lot to offer, when we Canadians don't even encourage our own home grown, local designs & brands.
Although I completely understand wanting to have a well known brand name and have also struggled to find more Canadian brands easily attainable I am on a new mission to seek out and find these hidden gems.  

Today's featured brands are Pink Tartan and CAITLIN POWER

I'm CRAZY about this brand!  Pink Tartan's Fall/Winter collexion 2013, allows you to bring in the chic to your everyday attire wether it be for work, or those daily errands.  This collexion belts out splashes of warm colours with a variety of prints oozing with class. Like I said I'm crazy for this brand keep your eye on it!


heres a link to the Pink Tartan Website,
you can also get more information about
Kimberley Newport-Mimran
the Designer of the Brand

CAITLIN POWER's Fall/Winter 2013 collexion truly speaks for itself.  A fierce collexion with a raw visual statement demanding of the eye. Bringing many great staple pieces to build into your already fabulous walk in dream closet ;) I dream, so you can to luv ya !!


here is the link of the website, you can
also check out Caitlin Power the Designer of
the Brand.

What do you think about Canadian Brands? I'd love to hear it all, let me know.





Hey Ya'll!
hope everyones having a good start to the weekend!
Unfortunately for me, the start to my weekend has been,
rainy, windy and Cold
gotta love good old Toronto

If you know me, you know I like to dress according to how I'm feeling that day,
like most people I would like to think, 
so it was raining today
I went straight for my amazingly warm beanie,
matched that with a dress that actually kept me warm
and this amazing coat
I had my amazing L.A.M.B shoes that I absolutely love
it really adds so much more edge to any outfit
without trying too much

One last thing, being 5'3 I should never wear a dress that sits right under my knee
AND wear booties that come up higher than my ankles but
heck I loved these shoes with this outfit!
anyways Enjoy!

I'm 5'3 so I have to really be careful with outfits that
can cut me off and make me look even shorter in certain places
I would normally not pair this dress with these shoes that come up
higher than my ankles BUT I really just loved these shoes went with
the outfit.

Beanie: Billabong like this here | Dress: Aritzia here | Coat: sheinside
Shoes: L.A.M.B here | Clutch: forever21 here | Jewellery: SuzyShier here