Canadian Staples

Hey guys,

Can we talk Canadian fashion please?!
So I'm a die hard fan for my country, which means if there is anyway I can brag about anything Canadian I'm so down!
So shall we talk about how amazing fashion has gotten in Canada; I know non-Canadians just push Canada along side the US, which is infuriating but I don't blame them.
How can the world perceive Canada as a country in which has a lot to offer, when we Canadians don't even encourage our own home grown, local designs & brands.
Although I completely understand wanting to have a well known brand name and have also struggled to find more Canadian brands easily attainable I am on a new mission to seek out and find these hidden gems.  

Today's featured brands are Pink Tartan and CAITLIN POWER

I'm CRAZY about this brand!  Pink Tartan's Fall/Winter collexion 2013, allows you to bring in the chic to your everyday attire wether it be for work, or those daily errands.  This collexion belts out splashes of warm colours with a variety of prints oozing with class. Like I said I'm crazy for this brand keep your eye on it!


heres a link to the Pink Tartan Website,
you can also get more information about
Kimberley Newport-Mimran
the Designer of the Brand

CAITLIN POWER's Fall/Winter 2013 collexion truly speaks for itself.  A fierce collexion with a raw visual statement demanding of the eye. Bringing many great staple pieces to build into your already fabulous walk in dream closet ;) I dream, so you can to luv ya !!


here is the link of the website, you can
also check out Caitlin Power the Designer of
the Brand.

What do you think about Canadian Brands? I'd love to hear it all, let me know.