Hello Ladies and Gents
My fellow Torontonians, how do you feel about this uber cold weather?
Frankly I already think its freezing, like i'm struggling to hold on to my fall coat freezing my buns off half the time cold. The sun shines but it surely does not keep me warm any longer.

So the biggest question I have for my fellow bloggers and the regular readers is
Can Canadian winter be stylish? Yes, I know you can throw on some stylish winter coat along with some mittens and possibly some Sorel boots...or not?
is that really considered fashion? 
I'd love to hear what you all think about winter fashion and please can someone educate me on the many ways winter can be fashionable
I have my own idea of what winter fashion is like, but I'm afraid its not the throw on the light fall coat with mittens and some riding boots. I'm talking Canadian winter, where you struggle to keep your head out while bundled under a massive blanket called a scarf.
I'll be sure to post my winter look, on the blog soon and honestly I can't wait to share the Brand that I love for my winter gear. Peta won't be too pleased with me but hey its Winter, what can you do.

Do we as a collective group like winter? No?
If yes, How can we dress our winter blues away?
I'd love to hear about it questions, comments let me hear em all!

Anyways, this look is me attempting to hold on to the fall weather for as long as I can.
also who doesn't want to be comfortable, cold or not.

These boyfriends are amazing, I'm such a big fan of them I'm loving everything about these boyfriend jeans. I highly recommend going a size up than your regular size, it might be a bit loose around the waist but it can always sit a little bit higher on your waist as well.
My man calls them my rockstar jeans and honestly they sure make me feel like a rockstar when I have them on.
These jeans tied with the sweater is such a great combo, it adds some femininity to the whole outfit
throw on some accessories bang, With these amazing booties that I just scored and you are set to go.


Coat: h&m {similar/want} | Sweater: Forever21{here} | Jeans: Forever21 {here} | Booties: {Zigisoho} Via Winners
Necklace: Forever 21 {here} | Bracelets: Forever21 {here} | Turban: Forever 21 {here/similar}