Love IS..

So for Inspiration Monday I figured I'd put something that inspires me everyday to wake up, what motivates me.
I chose Love and I wanted to expand on exactly what Love is FOR me..
Love is God, God is Love

Here is a little list I put together:

1. God abounds in goodness
2. God does not change
3. God is a compassionate God
4. God is a consuming fire
5. God is my refuge
6. God is a god of peace
7. God is a most pure spirit
8. God is a righteous Judge
9. God is all knowing
10. God is all powerful
11. God is infinite 
12. God is forgiving
13. God is gracious
14. God is avenging
15. God is faithful
16. God is merciful
17. God is true
18. God always works according to his Will
19. God is without limit
20. God is the most absolute 

It almost feels like I get to my end wether that be of the many reasons that go wrong in life, He somehow picks me up than re-routes me and reminds me who I believe in and what He is capable of.
This list is not even half of what God holds for us.
I truly feel like this is the core of my being, with every battle that gets thrown our way it's easy to think we can always go so far with our own strengths but we simply can't..
We, being human always make the mistake of thinking we can do it all and don't need anybody.
But unfortunately for us we learn the hard way;
it is much easier to keep Him in all that we do, He works it all out ten times better than we can ever expect.

I'd love to hear what motivates you? what is your drive?

*Thanks to for the idea