Here is one of my old posts from my old blog, I thought for my new readers its a great way to get to know a little about me. Also I'll be posting my engagement photos as well later on for all you ladies who are tiring the knot and might need some ideas.

I've got three engagement posts coming so i hope you can all embrace yourselfs for it.


Here's how it happened,

So, Rene and I have wanted to get married for quiet sometime

we finally made the decision to go ahead and work towards getting married. 

We hadn't really spoken about a proposal (does anyone really?) or how we were gonna go about it, we knew we had to get engaged and announce it to our close family and friends 

But knowing Rene, there is one thing he doesn't fail to do and that is surprise me!


He told me on sunday he had to go out of town to his friends and since it was family day on the monday we had agreed, we would go out for a dinner when he gets back in town.

He told me he'd be back in town by noon, and our reservation was for the afternoon/evening

So the next morning at 11am I asked him where he was, he said he was just leaving

I said okay, see you soon

Later on that day..

It's 2pm and I haven't heard from him so I decided to see where he was, he mentioned he got stuck in traffic and that when he gets in the city he has to go to the church (Broadview Faith Temple) because Pastor Marshall had asked him to clean the church.
I said alright.

It's now 4:30pm
i'm pretty much getting frustrated, I'm like seriously I've waited for you all day haven't eaten and it's not only that but we had planned on spending the day together since

we both have been busy lately, in other words hurry up, please.

He calls me says he has had such an awful day, with all the driving and now he left the light in the car on so the battery is dead and has to wait for someone to come by to re-charge it.

poor old me, sitting there believeing every word that he is saying haha..

I'm now,
trying to console him and tell him it's alright, so I finally just give up and say get here when you can (but all he was doing was fixing up the church and buying himself more time, which i found out later).

It's now around, 5pm

So he told me to be ready, I was ready when he came to pick me up and our reservation was for 6:30 (which was what he had told me)


so in the process of driving there his phone rings and he has apparently left the alarm on at the church so he says we have to drive there and turn the alarm off.

So Rene parks the car and goes inside
Two minutes later I get a call from him
saying, can you please come quick I need a hand with something.

So at this point I've lost it, the snow storm was just coming in so it was super windy, I hadn't eaten all day and what was even more frustrating was trying to walk with heels on, and it was icy everywhere  it was a disaster!
so it took me a few minutes.
During this, Rene said he was soo nervous waiting for me to come inside
his stomach was in knots, just waiting on me.
I walked in, I accidentally dropped my phone since it was dark I wasn't paying attention,
as soon as I picked my phone up, looked up and I froze
I was soo shocked, surprised, nervous I was definitely feeling everything all at once.
my brain trying so hard to make sense of what was going on
As I walked up the stairs, all I saw was Rene standing in front of a mic
there was candles along the isle of the church,
it was truly perfect
He sang " A place only you can go" by Needtobreathe, here
amazing song!

I loved just standing there listening to him sing, in church
couldn't stop smiling and thinking how amazing God truly is, and how much he has blessed my life.

After the song, he motioned for me to come closer, as I walked up to him
my eyes started to fill up with tears, as he grabbed the mic my heart started to skip a beat
I was shaking, as he got down on one knee all choked up asking me to be his wife

The next thing I heard was a room full of people clapping and cheering! It was a second suprise for me, I turned around and I think first thing I said was " my mom is here, Hii mom"! I was so excited to see my family and friends all there to be a part of such a big moment in my life!

Afterwards, we had some desserts and some tea/coffee it was truly a dream come true!

On a side note,
I seriously could not be happier with our wedding photographer, thats a whole new post.
Johnathan Ball is gifted, check out his work here The Westend Studios

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there wasn't a dry eye in the room

Love this one!

I love this boy so much!

i love this, my sister over looking so sweet!

All Images are by Johnathan Ball from

The Westend Studio