Tuesday Inspirations/ 2014

Hey Ya'll!
I've seriously missed blogging, Ive been unbelievably super busy as of late
So many things on my brain, can't keep up.
So heres a late happy 2014, hope everyones looking forward to this year
with a positive mind and a kind heart..

If you have any of your goals set, than i'm hoping you're staying on them
I personally don't make goals, Knowing myself I never truly stay on it
so instead I just work on renewing my mind and strengthening myself to being able to do the small changes that are always overlooked
Growth is so important in life, having to really self reflect and pin point these areas in our selves is so very challenging because before change can happen, some serious realization needs to take place.

My one goal this year is to really keep up with Collexion Plate, this blog is more than just a fashion blog. It has been surprisingly very therapeutical in some unexplainable way. It has helped relax my mind, ease my thoughts and has given me a confidence that has slowly become a foundation. One thing i have tried not to do is keep myself boxed in, therefore Collexion Plate is slowly coming to shape its way to something that I myself don't quiet know just yet, but i'm excited to see what this year has in store.

Anyways, I love Pinterest inspiration i'm on Pinterest 24/7
always looking for some new ideas, wether it is with home decor, DIY's and all of the above
its been on my mind for quiet sometime
so I've decided to post some inspiration incase you want to change up the house
for the new year or need help executing an idea or even to get something refreshing in your mind,
a girl can dream right?

hopefully this helps, Enjoy!

Here is my Pinterest

Such a great reading nook, absolutely love

I'm such a minimalist lover, the idea is Less house more home, right?

photos Via Pinterest

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