Leopard Print

I never use to be a huge fan of leopard prints until now, seriously.
I always felt like it looked ridiculous so I couldn't believe when they were in style.
It's taken me this long two own a leopard print anything, slowly but surely right?
I wore these awesome leopard print pants, that make my hips look awesome.
I mean who said skinny girls don't have hips..ha! 
I love these pants they sit higher on the waist and cinch right in,
which gives that hour glass look.
I've said this before but i'm not huge on accessories, at least on myself. 
I'm more drawn into, dainty pieces of jewellery but I absolutely have a thing for hats.
My hat collection is growing slowly, venturing out more on coloured hats now.
I figured, on a hot day, cooler evenings why not throw these pants on with a tank
and dress it up with my awesome hat that I love and finish it off with wedges. 
I wanted the leopard print to be the only thing that pops at you, so staying with nude wedges and top definitely helped that out. Fortunately this is my fall outfit, it hasn't exactly been cold enough to be layering up all day, so i always carry a light coat with me, just incase.
Do we like leopard print, is leopard the new black?

TANK: here | PANTS: here and LOVE this here | WEDGES: here | HAT: SAVE and SPLURGE