oh just your regular good ol' gal..

I go by the name Tsehay, with a silent Ts like Tsunami you can say it like this
Sahai..no its not (say-hi)..or bye..

First and foremost in all things I do, I do it with God, 
through his Grace, Mercy and Love..
I give Him Thanks!
Yes i'm a Jesus lover,
with every ounce of my being.

I come from a wonderful loving family, 
the youngest of five
three sisters and one brother 
no..I was never babied nor spoiled..
thanks mom..

love my sisters!

I've got an amazing man in my life and the best little guy
i'm so blessed to have them both

Collexion Plate is a personal blog inviting people inside my life. To share both there fashionable selves and encourage one another; to walk outside of a box that society sometimes places us in. I hope to share a life filled with encouragement, love, passion, values, laughter and family. keeping in mind that "In all thy ways acknowledge Him & He shall direct thy paths" Proverbs 3:6

This blog is suppose to be an extension of my love for Fashion,
ever since I could remember, i've had such an infatuation with Fashion
coming from humble beginnings, I wasn't ever able to indulge in this love therefore
I decided to take things into my own hands
with lots of prayer and endless nights infront of my laptop
looking at all things fashion, from Designers to how-to's, to fashion blogs,
you can name it all..
than one day I decided to..
creat my own blog..
hence Collexion Plate comes in..
Why Collexion Plate?

Well, one random evening my man (who is Super supportive) and I were sitting down jotting down, different ideas and names for the blog.. we came up with nothing,
we went at it again another evening, thinking really hard, brainstorming
because I really wanted the title to be great considering its the first thing people would see
it was very important for the title to represent me and what i'm all about..
so he came up with Collexion Plate,
I immediately fell in love with the name..

At my church which I attend every sundays (Broadview Faith Temple) btw
there is a Collection Plate (its how you tithe to the church, give money) 
and it also represented my love for all things, fashion, beauty, home, love, travel, life..
my life is really a collection of all things good..
As people there are a collection of things that make us who we are
which is what I want this Blog to represent

I want it to be a positive place in which we can (You and I)
come together and discuss

Thanks for stopping by!

with a bucket full of love,