Happy 2016! I know I’m excited for this year, looking forward to see what Gods got in store for collexionplate. Theres nothing quiet like looking at your dream grow and expand, my heart lies with my blog, best decision I made was to not be fearful or to not be held back by every obstacle that arises and to give it a shot, start now and start early is what I say. Fellow bloggers you must know what I’m talking about, cheers to not letting any of it get you down and to constant perseverance, trust me I know what you’re going through.

Anyways on to 2016 and my first new outfit on the blog, theres nothing better than some boyfriend ripped jeans and some comfy tees, I always say nobody does basics better than Topshop, bottom and top are both petitie. I had the opportunity to shoot with some goodies from Natalie Waldman design, I got this beautiful clutch that I love and this pearl ring. Its winter so ofcourse we got out as quick as we can to shoot these, it wasn’t too bad but it was a little firsky because we were right by the water, loving these simple fun shoots, Emily always has a great way of capturing my true self.

Anyways, for my fellow blogging ladies, can we get real with how hard our dream career is specially since there isn’t a how-to?



Hey ya'll, i'm so sad Christmas is already gone; it truly feels like every year we anticipate and wait for it but it flies by. This Christmas was very different for us, we really didn't want much of anything but to spend time with one another, the best part is watching Cole open up all the presents he received, my husband hides them all over the tree and he has to try and find them all, its really cute and funny to see his reaction he is the best. Christmas was quiet which was different but it was also very peaceful and it was much needed, its very easy to get caught up in all the "traditions" of christmas. The main thing for us was to really hone in on the true treasure that god bestowed upon us, the birth of his son. Moving forward towards the new year I really want to live my daily life being grateful, writing down to see what it is usually helps me see it clearly and to always look back towards it when you're at the end of it all.

Anyways we loved Sheridan gardens so much we decided to go back there to shoot, I loved how much life the greenery brings into the photos. When its cold, I've got my boots and my sweaters, if you're lucky you'll catch me in something else, colder months always have me in dark hues, makes me feel warm and fuzzy (haha). I loved the Urban outfitters cardigan with the dark burgundy sweater and tied it in with the black pants , boots and hat loving me some black all winter long, an easy alternative to jogging pants and sweaters.

Hope you all have a lovely week!





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