I am beyond thrilled to be launching ‘Collexion Plate’! It’s absolutely surreal that I’m writing my first post on my blog, a moment in which I’ve dreamt about countless of times. Before any thank yous go out, I wanted to welcome you to ‘Collexion Plate’. Collexion Plate is a platform in which serves as ‘a collection of all things’. We as individuals, come from many different parts of the world, different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. My life has been a collection of many different ‘things’ and everything along the way BIG or Small has made an impact, a remix of sorts. Collexion Plate is a result of that, a journal but most importantly an inspiration, a look into fashion, faith and family by showcasing outfits, talking about trends and most of all sharing life.

I had the chance to create a small blog in which helped me get my feet wet in the blogging world, to get an idea in what direction I wanted to take Collexion Plate. First thing that was certain to me during that process was, this is it! I wanted to do this and I want to do it right!

I have so many people to thank, first being the most influential and encouraging person in my life my Husband whom without, this dream would have merely stayed a dream and not have become a reality, thank you for believing in me and in my dreams. Also to my amazing family, those whom never question my decisions but yet love and guide me through it. To Johnathan Ball (West end Studios) a man with countless of talents but one whom is so humble to give without a question, thank you for being behind the lenses and for making Magic happen. To my Broadview Faith Temple Family, thank you for the encouragement to not leap but jump into my dreams with everything I’ve got. Last but not least, a million thank yous' to Calvin from Sly and Swift for putting a face to my Dreams!

I hope Collexion Plate can be an inspiration and an extra push towards your dreams, to make them a reality and to pursue it! If not that than a mere fresh outlook on Fashion... rather clothes and how to put 'those' things together, someones gotta do the work for you.

with love,

Thanks for stopping by!

Proverbs 3:6