Black on White


So we took these photos a while back in october, it was just starting to get cold, it was actually a decent sunny day but I'm loving all the snow right now, Christmas season doesn't feel the same without the snow.

This would normally be my 'casual', day to day, brunching, lunching, cafe date outfit with the hubs. Most of the time, I put very minimal effort when I've got work, which is 80 percent of the time but seriously I'm one of those practical girls, who will not get done up, or put any effort towards getting ready, just to shovel through the crowd (public transit) and the snow to get to work. I admire those girls who do, because that takes some serious effort and confidence.

Anyways, but on my days off, aside from all the chores I've got to do and if the hubs has it off, we usually end up doing something and I can throw something nice on. This helmut Lang blazer is awesome, I scored it through winners. My favourite two pieces right now have to be these DKNY pants and my Vince Camutos, honestly you guys there are certain pieces that are worth just splurging on because man oh man, you get so many wears out of them, such good quality and so versatile.

I'm usually a wear and tear kinda gal but i'm trying to change that, it sorted of defeats the purpose, anyways ill tag below a few of these pieces that i'm loving right now that mimics this outfit.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on casual wear, monday to friday?!

VEST BLAZER: Helmut Lang/ Similar

TOP: Theory

PANTS: Dkny/similar

SHOES: Vince Camuto

PURSE: Ralph Lauren