Wedding Photos Part 1

I'm soo excited to share this post with everyone, my distant family, friends and my readers. I recently got married this past year, August 2nd, 2014. One of the best days of my life, there was nothing more special than to marry the man of my dreams and to have our friends and family celebrate it with us. Also how cute are my two guys, there is nothing that makes me so happy than my two guys, I love them so much, i'm the luckiest.

I'm going to keep my rant short I promise but a few things first, my wedding is featured on  and its out tomorrow!!! yeeeee! I'm soo excited, its such an amazing feeling and what a reward for something Rene and I had worked so hard on (with many hands whom helped) -very grateful! A lot of this goes towards our amazing friend/ photographer Johnathan Ball from  if you need a photographer for absolutely anything, he is the go to in this city, he is amazing, super creative and great to work with, specially if you live in Toronto.

I'll tag and mention all the details in the next post, loads of photos to sort out through, so ill definitely be posting a part 2.