Subtle Holiday Look


Christmas has to be one of my favourite Holidays, everything about Christmas fills my heart. Hot Chocolate, bright lights, festive decorations, Christmas melodies cheesy but so wonderful. It seems like everyone is much nicer and happier. Aside from the whole stress of having to do christmas shopping (which btw I procrastinate on every year) its great!

Holiday party outfits tend to be colourful and bedazzled, but there is nothing like a clean outfit that has the right amount of pizzazz but its still not over the top. Also an outfit like this that looks super expensive but is not. This outfit can also double as a date night outfit, spice it up a little bit, get fancy, get done up it changes the vibe from the usual date night lazy fit. Ladies lets be real, half the time date nights are taken sporadically and are in our quitters...right? maybe its just me..ha!

One thing I've learned when mixing two statement pieces, they should always compliment one another, so they don't clash. As always i'm not a huge fan of jewellery usually because being petite, it can become overwhelming when you've got too much going on. I also feel like, collar bone and neckline usually on a woman is such a beautiful, feminine feature why not show it off.

Nordstrom is got a great collection and choice of so many different skirts/ patterns on them, some under $100, check it out its my go to!


SKIRT: Nordstrom

TOP: Nordstrom

HEELS: Betsy Johnson 

PURSE: Nordstrom