Grungy Chic



I can't believe Christmas is here, I hope in the next two days we get a snowfall, it'll be a perfect touch to the holidays. I'm happy to say my Christmas shopping has been completed, there is nothing like having a cup of coco and spending an entire night with Sam Smith and the hubs, wrapping presents while chit chatting, its great.

I wanted to put an alternative look up for a relaxed christmas (dinners that don't require you to dress up, extended family, friends etc.) dinners. Also another alternative for pjs, (not that anybody can ever get tired of those darn things) boyfies and plaid shirts. Plaid shirts always say Christmas to me, specially the red and black ones.

I'm obsessed with this Plaid one its amazing, the fit is great and its got these leather lining details in certain places that just adds enough 'cool' to it. These boyfriend jeans I grabbed from Forever 21 are super cozy and comfy, slightly big on the waist (skinny mini over here) but they surprisingly fit well everywhere else. When heading out, I just threw on my bcbg's (you'll see more of them soon on the blog).


Hope you have an amazing time with your beloved ones and truly remember what CHRISTmas is all about.


SHIRT: Similar

CARDIGAN: Similar