Wedding Photos part 2


Here is part two of the wedding photos as promised, i'm super happy about these photos I can't even say it enough! The west end studio has done such an amazing job, capturing all of our moments, John has truly captured us naturally as we wanted, its amazing! We've told John repeatedly he will be taking care of all our big moments moving forward, his photography is art.    We love you John!!

Anyways, my bridesmaids were amazing, considering three of them were my sisters, whom i dearly love and two of my girlfriends. From the start I've always wanted my bridesmaid to be in Pastel colours and also colours they liked and colours that worked better on each of them. I was thrilled when I initially presented them with the idea, they were stocked a little bit on the" what the heck are you gonna have us in" way ha! But once I showed them photos of pastel bridesmaid dresses, they then definatenly loved it! we decided to make it more personal by them having to pick their own styles that suit their different body types, they essentially pimped their dresses out, with halter tops, strapless, one strap in other words whatever floated their boat. I was worried for a while thinking all these colours might not work well with each other (super stressed myself out) but Gods knows it, when the girls finally went for their final fittings it worked out even better than i imagined! It was a huge relief, how balsy of me to put 5 different colours together! hahaha! I can check that off my list!

The groomsmen suits were all based on the girls dresses, we decided to keep it clean and bright (since we were having an outdoor ceremony) and the bridesmaids dresses were different colours. Grey was the colour we both loved, we just had to decided between a darker grey and a lighter grey, this was the end result.

Anyways i'm loving so much having to share my wedding photos, so many ladies getting married jumping into it, it can definitely be overwhelming. I feel like i can write up a book on how to plan a wedding after mine. Lots and lots of work doing it on your own (like we did) but the end result is so much more satisfying also its an experience that truly brings you and your husband a lot closer at the end (pray you get through it haha!). I'm proud to say I've got an amazing man whom helped if not did more than I did in planning the wedding, so seriously if you've got any questions ladies and gents send me a shout/ an email id gladly do a post.

stay tuned for the ceremony, so many amazing photos captured.

Thanks for reading!