Striped Holster w/ LD WEST

I recently had my buddy Luis who's with LD WEST come and ask me to do a shoot with their Holster. I loved having the challenge of figuring out exactly what to put together, also Holsters aren't exactly a girls best friend either, its not something most chicks wear. You would immediately want to pair it up with something thats more casual than dress it up and me being petite I figured it'd look better dressed up than down. The Holster is completely adjustable, which is amazing considering we all come in different shades and sizes. 

So I decided to put this long fitted stripped dress on, I found it to be more flattering and found the black and white stripes work well with the brown Holster, black straps. I wouldn't have imagine how comfortable they were on, they were very light, tight and stayed in place. One side is for your wallet and the other is for your phone, convenient and easy specially if you're on the go and don't need to worry about lugging a purse and worrying about it, LD WEST Holster would be a great choice. 

This coming weekend, i'm headed out with the hubs for a little vacation out of town, i'll definitely be documenting Via INSTAGRAM: @collexionplate , see you there!

Have a great week, Thanks for stopping by!


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