Faux Fur /Happy New Year


Happy New Year! I can't believe its 2015, Its the first time ever, Ive found myself with so much motivation going into a new year, I usually don't partake in the whole " new me, new you" same old song, ever!  Because I believe anybody can change at any point, its all about you wanting to truly make the change, making a plan AND sticking to it. But something about A New Year, gives you that feeling of really wanting to start offer, almost like getting a second chance.

So here is a little bit of what I want to improve on this coming year, along with my wishes and dreams for my blog.

1) First things first, Ive never been good at being on my own growing up in a big family has its ways, even though its the best thing to have a big family. I want to dedicate a certain amount of time for myself every week or every other week. It could be a day where I spend it reading, getting my nails done, spending time in the word (in my bible), long distance running (i love running, something about pushing myself to keep running is therapeutic and rewarding, its like boxing for me, it helps me deal with frustration like no other). I plan on having a journal/schedule to really stay on top of it so i can stay on schedule every week. It's so very important to really take time for yourself, I've come to realize everything else in your life will fail, if you don't have the right mind state moving forward with everyday life. 

2) Second thing, I hope to be celebrating towards the end of 2015, an anniversary for collexionplate. I can;t wait to see how far God will take this little love boat of mine in 2015. I'm willing to be positive and realistic in moving forward with my blog and most importantly to work hard and in doing so to learn and to grow. I hope to have more content for collexionplate, I will always try to do something different for my blog I never want same old fashion blogger nonsense...maybe ya'll can email me or leave a comment on what you want to see more of.

3) Last but not least, I would love to get involved within my community in helping the less fortunate. I find everyones always busy, we are all always busy with school, work, family whatever the case may be. I plan on slowing it down a bit and finding somewhere to volunteer, just for the sake of wanting to help others and honestly id love to do that! My hubs has been wanting to for quiet sometime now, maybe we can make it a family affair, the more the merrier. 

These are my goals, as realistic as possible and if you didn't realize its not a list, just simple little write up, to do life the best way I can. With growth, the list and the needs change.

I wish you all an amazing 2015, with good Health, great success and soo much love!

Cheers to dreams and futures


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