This is pretty much what I wear daily, black skinnies booties and a slightly oversized top (giving 'oversized' an extremely different meaning, considering i'm sitting down at 5'3 hundred and something pounds, forcefully adding the 'something' (haha). Does anybody find people in general like to make comments about their size, like you've openly invited them to speak about you, full force without holding back. Maybe its because i'm 'tiny' its still not cool folks, skinny, big, fat regardless of your size, we all still have feelings so please bite your tongue, filter through before saying anything. I'm strictly speaking from my experiences, of people constantly making terrible remarks towards my 'size'. I've actually been told by a lady " to go and eat" a stranger i've never met before. I refrained from saying anything to her, I just smiled and walked away. Spin it how you want, theres a lot of people that like to make comments and get away with it. Remember I was born this way, with this frame, bone structure and size too so please be Kind. 

Yikes, I completely steered off topic, anyways this is something everyone has in there closet black pants, plaid and booties super easy and comfortable. 

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TOP: Nordstrom

PANTS: American Eagle