I've been saying for so long ill get a few photos up of Dierks and here it is finally, I love my stinker face so much. Dierks is part Boston Terrier and Chihuahua, most people think he is a Jack Russell. Dierks is an amazing dog, he is really smart, very friendly and usually is the fastest dog in the park, for a dog his size he is usually leading the pack. Dierksy boy will be a year in December, he is growing up real fast I've love being his mama. He always comes to me when he gets in trouble because he knows he has me wrapped around his finger (paws). Dierksy and I are always out and about going for walks is our favourite, the weather recently has gotten cooler but we've been having days that are slightly warm, with the sun shining down which has been perfect for long walks. I'm obsessing over turtlenecks this season, I love how versatile they are; wether its wearing one with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans and even shorts they are definitely a good option for staying warm while looking chic. I'm really digging this season the whole 70s theme coming back to fashion, fringe, leather, bell bottoms, suede skirts its amazing! Does anyone else feel this way?



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