As promised here is my outfit for our family photos this year, the hubs and I tend to be super competitive with one another (which is strange considering i'm not a very competitive person) but for some reasons, I just can't let him win. So we've decided that moving forward, every year we do family photos (holiday cards) that we each get a turn to plan them. Since I did them this year, I planned outfits and picked our spots to shoot, it'll be him the following year, i'm excited to see what it'll be next year. The great thing about family photos it's that, you get to physically see and notice these changes and growth every year, haircuts and outfits they are such a huge part of family memories when looking back at them i'm a sucker for things like that, which by the way I can't wait to show ya'll as soon as they are headed out i'll put them up.

Moving on i'm loving knits this season, so many everywhere I know H&M has some really great ones but surprisingly as strange this might be Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch have some of the best knits i've ever seen at an affordable price, I'm I right or what? I picked up this top and knit cardigan from Hollister, I wanted to really add the Christmas theme in our shoot without going overboard. anyways what do you ladies think about christmas photos?/family photos? are ya'll looking forward to christmas? These pants I've linked them down below for ya'll super comfy and great if you're petite and struggle to find pants that fit along with these shoes they are Zigi S but I've found very similar pair for a really good price on DSW.


thanks for reading!