I can't believe its Wednesday already this weeks been flying by, anyways its been pouring rain, gloomy weather now, we had to shoot yesterday and we were lucky we had decent weather before hand, because it ended up raining for the rest of the day therefore I say Thank you God! I love todays outfit, i'm a huge fan of layering when I say layering I don't mean winter heavy sweater layering. I mean layering with a little bit of style, you can take this from office to an evening out. Turtle necks have to be a basic every gal should have in her closet, specially black turtle necks. Pairing them with a pencil skirt or even dress pants and or keeping it casual really gives you a variety of different looks. I've linked all the outfits below, if you think they are old fashion guess again!

In keeping it short today, what does everybody think about the whole #essenaoneill discussion happening? I think she is brilliant for a girl her age to really bring a topic like that to light, using her experience and the platform she has. There are so many young girls that have so much pressure to fit into an image that is socially accepted, because of all the girls that are on their Instagram feeds whom have so many followers/likes and are seemed as "socially accepted", I'm certain we've all been there; what we see is a very small portion of someones day or life. We as humans tend to become envious of someone else's life, and thats a big mistake, the minute we do we are giving away our right to live our OWN life. For the most part, we gotta keep it real and understand that no human on this earth has a perfect life. Everything you see is curated and created, we generally want to share the good thing or the "cute". I'm definately for the idea of social sharing but when you obsessively find yourself stalking and being envious of ones life, thats when you need to remove your eyes of the screen and really evaluate. I read the article, Emily of CupcakesandCashmere wrote she really sums it up well, I suggest you go and take a look. Knowing this, I want to move forward being socially conscious of social media and the negative effects it has, also trying to understand where that places Bloggers (considering its a huge source of income)? I think also as individuals we have to take responsibility of what we put in our minds, after all we do get to pick who to follow. I guess my question is, is there a difference between Instagram models and Bloggers (not only pertaining to fashion i.e. food, DIY) not to say they are all the same.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!













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