Happy Monday, I was just out this morning and I couldn’t believe the weather we are having in December in Toronto. I went out this morning to the off leash; taking Dierk’s out and I stopped and said wow, its beautiful outside. My only wish is that we get a little bit of snow when Christmas rolls around, there’s nothing like a wintery white Christmas and it’s a must! A week ago the hubs and I decided to go to a tree farm for my very first time, you guys I have to say it was a little emotional for me. Growing up, I’ve never really had the opportunity to have a real Christmas tree as a kid so it was nice to be up there to get the experience to smell the trees, to see the beautiful Christmas decorations, we were at Sheridan Nurseries for those that live in Toronto. It's definately a tradition moving forward i'd love to add to our family, moving forward. Rene was such a trooper to get up there and take this photos with me, I love when Emily is behind the camera she gets him giggling and helps him loosen up, he is always laughing at how awkward it is when people are taking photos of him haha! He says “ babe wow, you’re a natural this whole blogger thing isn’t so easy” he makes me laugh, all day long hands down funniest guy i know (hehe).

Moving onto the outfit I kept it, super comfortable and simple like I always do I love this plaid coat with the leather detailing, it’s such a nice change than my usual black coats. I’ve had this Billabong toque forever and I absolutely love it, I’m such a hat girl so if I can manage to work one with my outfits on a regular basis, it’s a match made in heaven. How are you ladies finding the holiday season? Super happy we’ve decided to keep it simple and easy this season, stress free Christmas season feels amazing. Hope your shopping trips don’t have you stressed out, just center yourselves and find the reasons why we celebrate this season to begin with. I'll link my coat below but for the rest of my outfit see previous post.


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