Happy Monday, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had my step son this weekend, so whenever he is here its always a blast for me. We manage to finish our movies we've been watching Chronicles of Narnia, we then baked some cookies and just relaxed all weekend. I was also sick all weekend, a slight case of the colds. We planned on decorating the tree but we were all pretty excited so we just settled on putting the tree out. All in all we had a good weekend, its always the time spent with our little man that matters, theres nothing we love then a good old couch hang out, with some cookies and a good movie!

I'm loving this outfit right now, seriously this is my go-to everyday get up. I picked up this blanket scarf from Topshop, its super soft and always a great choice for just draping over light sweaters indoors. Also i'm always looking for sweaters like this, I also picked it up from topshop. I love sweaters that have a slit that curves up the hips, something about them is flattering, at least on me I think. Do you guys love blanket scarfs? they have to be super soft for me, I've got such sensitive skin. Hope you ladies have a good week! Also be sure to follow me on Instagram: @collexionplate id love to get to know you!


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