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Ive currently been browsing around, hoping to find something that can catch my eye and get me out of this winter funk. We are in February and it just feels like winter is just coming upon us, as well as a bunch of Instagram photos of hot climates, palm trees and cold smoothies being sipped under the sun, which makes it very easy to feel so blue. But hey, we are almost there my fellow Canadians!

Here are a few tips that usually help me:

1) Outdoor Activities: What always helps me when I get into moods like that is being physically productive and I mean that in ways of getting out and doing things ( yes with the snow). There are loads of activities that are available in the winter, skating being one of the popular ones. My husband suggested the other day, we should try snowboarding; I was a bit hesitant to even entertain that thought because lets face it, going down a hill on a snowboard isn't exactly ideal when you've never tried it before; but why not?! It could be one of those things, you do once a year that is challenging, fun and exhilarating, sign me up!

2) Indoor activities, yes even if its winter there is lots of activities you can do indoors. One of my favourites being Rock Climbing! There are a few places that are amazing in the city for that, great for kids and big families they also offer beginners classes, if you're like me and need one. Another one of my favourites being Fun Zone, its an indoor trampoline that is both fun and can count as a work out as well, its not just for kids this one is especially great for adults as well.

3) Spend time, with family and friends! For some reason winter seems to be the time when we never get to see a lot of our family and friends (maybe in my case only). We never get to see any of our neighbours we spend countless of hours with in the summer in our patio. This doesn't have to be the case, why not take advantage of those lazy days or days off (which don't require cleaning) to have some friends and family over wether it is to try new recipes, bake some cookies with a hot cocoa and play some pick up sticks! (a game my family is currently obsessed with).

In the meantime, here is a little bit of a round up of outfits inspiration that have caught my eye browsing through. It's a mixture of winter, spring and summer for me, it reminds me warm weather is not too far off. 

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