Calvin Blue

It's been a while, hello, hola hows everybody been? I'm still here, Ive been slammed with work/life. I just recently managed to get things back on track and it just happens to be, the weather is much more pleasant which makes shooting outdoors a lot easier, if I may say.

So this might be very random but Rene and I decided to cut off our cable a while ago, just right after we got married, I have to say its been the best decision we've made. I was actually against cutting the cable off, so many attachments to so many shows (which is terrible). When you already have so little time, with work, television can take up so much of your time. I've found its made me very productive and its also a huge budget saver highly recommend it!

Moving on to this outfit, i'm obsessed with feminine, masculine looks as of late. It's different, it adds a lot of character to your look, obviously an outfit like this doesn't suit everybody/ different body shapes, it's something that is simple to re-create. This Calvin Klein dress was amazing, I had to grab it when I saw it, very comfortable its like having pj's on all day. It's a nice shade of blue, worked really well with this shoes, Calvin Klein as well. Ive attached a much cheaper pair of heels, below and the Drawstring dress as well its on sale, hurry!


DRESS: Calvin Klein via Hudsons's Bay

SHOES: Similar (much cheaper pair) Hudson's Bay