Topped up with Topshop


Yes, at last we get to have some warm weather and we get to enjoy getting dressed and ready in the mornings. One thing that seems to bother me is when the weather drops at night, or also if you live by the lake the breeze that picks up from it, can make the summer nights very cool. When we reach mid-summer and its completely humid in Toronto its definitely a life saver to live by the lake. Unfortunately right now the warm weather is just kicking around, it comes and goes. On nights like that the temperature tends to drop. I always find myself, stuck with a bunch of layers and if I don't layer I usually end up regretting it. Anyways the whole point of this is to say, I think its smart to carry something to throw on when it gets cooler, as long as its something light that can be thrown in your purse or even placed over your shoulders.

This outfit is great for an evening out, I usually tend to dress it down with heels keeping it more comfortable. Subtlety goes a long way, if you plan on wearing shorts or skirt, I always suggest you keep it more modest by covering up elsewhere. I'm a huge fan of skorts, I also prefer shorts over short skirts much easier to dress up. I love this skirt in this pastel colour, its amazing Topshop always seems to win me over, both this leather jacket and skirt are from Topshop!

Looking forward to posting more often this summer, ladies in the meantime find me over on Instagram @collexionplate! love ya'll and have a good week!



SKORT: Topshop Here

TOP: Here

COAT: Topshop Similar Here