Mid-Summer Love

Happy almost August ya'll! There is nothing like mid-summer love when everything is lively, long weekends ahead, cottage trips planned and so many fun nights. I personally love summers in the city, most people tend to get out of the city, but the city is blooming with all sorts of festivities. Now that PanAm is over, we are getting back down to some normalcy around the city, the amount of tourist around the city this summer was insane (might be because of where we live) but yay to having our lives back. City of Toronto, splendid job on keeping things running smoothly couldn't have been all that easy (haha)!

One of my favourite things to do year in and year out is the theatre in the Park. When my hubs and I started dating one of our very first dates he took me on was theatre in the park, I remember having this beautiful blue summer dress I loved on, he packed a bag full of treats, drinks and blankets and we hopped on the streetcar and went to high park, we watched Romeo and Juliet and it was fantastic, the actors were wonderful. Its still one of the best dates I've ever been on.

Moving on to this Outfit, I paired this forever 21 blazer my girlfriend gave me, with a simple white tank and paired them with my 2 year old high waisted shorts i scored from h&m can you believe it?! I love these shorts, I usually tend to dress them up but you're definitely able to dress it down with some sandals. I'm not a huge fan of super bright colours, but once in a while won't hurt. 

Thanks for reading!




TOP: Nordstrom

HEELS: 424 fifth