Jacket: Zara s/o similar HERE | Top: Silvian Heach s/o similar HERE | Denim: Zara HERE | Shoes: ASH HERE |

HIS: Jacket : S/0 SIMILAR   | Top: NF HERE | Bottoms: Publish HERE | Shoes : Adidas HERE


Saturday we decided to pack up and spend the day out scouting for a location. It feels as though sometimes its easy to get so comfortable and end up at the same restaurants, same cafes. Its not always a bad thing because if its good, its great but we're always trying to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, it doesn't hurt to try something new right?. We also wanted to see what the big hype was about High Park in the city, but oh boy! The traffic was ridiculous, a massive line up of cars just to get into the park. We then scrapped that idea and went ahead a different route and noticed a neighbourhood but in particular a home with these beautiful magnolias. 

No joke, I have been wearing this particular black denim for about three weeks straight. It's a great fit, so it makes it easy for me to wear it with just about anything. I'm wearing it here with my slip ons and my white silk blouse. My favourite thing ever....this bright yellow coat! The looks i get when I have this coat on is hilarious..wondering if I remind them of a banana haha!